Arsenal’s next fixture in Premier League. Match day Tottenham vs Sunderland predictions.

The Premier League is the most important tournament in the English football calendar. It is the main championship of the English top-4, and it is also the main tournament of the EPL.
In the current season, the teams of the top-6 of the standings are quite close, so it is quite possible that the final round of the championship will be played in the last rounds.
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Main fixtures of the Premier League today
The current season is quite busy for the teams in the Premier league. The main confrontation is between the teams from the top 6.

The teams of this league are quite balanced, so the game of each of them is not so important. The teams of top-3 are quite strong, too.
However, the main competition of the season is between Tottenham and Sunderland. The Tottenham team is quite strong and has a good lineup. The Spurs have a good goalkeeper, too, who can save the game for the team.
On the other hand, Sunderland has a bad season. The team is not as strong as Tottenham, and the players of the team are not as good as the ones of the Spurs.
It is quite difficult to predict the fate of the game, because the teams are quite equal, so each of the teams can count on a certain victory.
Tottenham vs Sunderland prediction
The Spurs are quite confident in the match against the Sunderland. This is because the team has a decent lineup.
Of course, the team will try to win the match, but the players will not be able to do this. The Sunderland team is much weaker than the Spurs, so they will not have enough strength to win.
Moreover, the Tottenham players have a very good game. They have a high level of skill, which can be seen in the game.
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Upcoming fixtures of Tottenham vs Arsenal
The match Tottenham vs the Gunners will be held on the 21st of August. It will be the first match of the new season of the Emirates Cup.
After the match Tottenham, Arsenal will play the second round of EPL, where the Gunner team will play against the Aston Villa.
Both the teams will play on the same day, so you can follow the results on the website of sports statistics.
Premier league fixtures
The first round of Premier league was quite successful for the Gunter team. The Gunners won the first round, and they will do the same in the second.
Also, the Arsenal team has good lineup, which is quite balanced. The players of Arsenal have a decent level of skills, which allows them to perform well in the matches.
If you look at the Premier liga fixtures, you can see that the Gunters will play in the first game of the tournament, and then they will play with the Aston.
Do not forget that Arsenal is the team that won the most trophies in the championship.
Arsenal vs Tottenham match prediction
Arsenal is the strongest team in the EFL Championship. The club has a really good lineup and a good level of the skills.
At the same time, the Gunther team has problems with injuries. The injuries of the players are quite serious, so this can be the reason why the team is unable to perform at the highest level.
But the team still has a chance to win, because it is the first victory in the season.
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Follow the latest news on the Arsenal vs Tottenham game
The Gunners have a pretty good lineup that can be used in the games against the teams that are weaker. You should not forget about the Tottenham, because this team is very strong.
There are a lot of problems for the Spurs team, but they can not win the game against the Gunster. You will not miss anything important, because you can always learn the results from the reliable source.
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Live football score today
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What to expect from Arsenal and Tottenham in the new year?
The new season has started, and already we can see the results.

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