Arsene Wenger: We lacked a bit of urgency

Arsenal has been in the Champions League for more than a decade now. The Gunners have been in this tournament for almost a quarter of a century. It is not only the Premier League that has been won by the Gunners, but also the Europa League. The team has won the Champions Cup a few times too.
Arsenal is one of the most successful clubs in the history of the English Premier League. It has won it for more times than any other team. This is a good result for the club, but it is not the only one.
The Gunners are also in the top 4 of the number of wins in the Europa league. This means that the club has won at least 4 matches in a row. The club also has a good record in the domestic championship. The current season is particularly successful for the team.
In the current season, the Gunner’s performance in the Premier league is really impressive. The players of the team have a good understanding with each other and play well together. This has allowed the team to win the title of the strongest team in England.
However, the team is not at the same level in the EPL. The main problem of the Gunns is their lack of motivation. This can be seen in the fact that the team does not show a good game in the matches against the weaker teams.

Arsenal’ problems are not limited to the Premier ligue. The problem is not just the lack of a good motivation, but the fact the team has not been able to win any trophies in recent years.
Wenger has been at the helm of the club for more years than any of his predecessors. He has managed to turn the team into a real force in the English football. However, the club is not in a good shape at the moment. The following problems can be noted:
1. Lack of motivation of the players.
2. Lackadaisical coaching.
3. Inaccurate tactics.
4. Lack proper selection of players. This leads to the fact, that the Gunnies do not always win in matches against weaker teams, but they lose in the games against stronger ones.
If the team fails to win trophies in the current year, then it will be extremely difficult for the Gunnlers to win gold medals in the future.
This is a clear indication that the current Arsenal team is in a bad shape. Wenger has been the head coach of the squad for a long time now. This should help the team, because it is a long tournament distance ahead. The Arsenal players need to show a better game in order to win more trophies.
English Premier League table
The current season has been a real surprise for the fans of the EFL Cup. The tournament is considered to be one of Arsenal’ best achievements. The EFL cup is a tournament that is held every year. The winner of the tournament gets a place in the main tournament of the Premier LEAGUE.
It is not surprising that the Epl Cup is considered as one of Wenger’ most successful tournaments. The Frenchman has managed the team well and has managed not only to win, but to do it in a convincing manner. The previous season, Arsenal managed to win only one of its matches.
Despite the fact they were not able to achieve the desired result, the players of Arsenal managed not to give up. The fact is that the players were not at their best during the tournament. The reason for this is the lackadaisic coaching of the head of the Arsenal team. Wenger is the head football coach of a huge football club. This does not allow him to give his players the necessary motivation.
Also, the lack in the selection of the performers is another problem of Wenger. The coach has not managed to find the right players for the squad.
Another problem is the fact he does not have enough players for each position. This causes a lot of problems for the players and the team as a whole.
So, the EPl table of the current tournament is really interesting and not to be missed. The winners of the trophy get a place at the main championship of the country. The losers go to the Europa Cup.
EPL table
Arsenal managed to get into the top four of the standings of the league. The next season, they will be able to challenge the leaders of the championship, Manchester United.
There are a lot to like about the current EPL table. The first is the number and quality of the clubs in it. The Premier league has a lot more clubs than the Champions league.
Manchester United is in the middle of the table. It seems that the Red Devils are not going to give the Gunnarsson’ team a chance.
United has a very good squad. The Red Devils have a lot in common with the Gunni’ club. The only difference is that they have a better selection of performers.
Many people are not aware of the fact. The squad of the Red devils is very good. The defenders of the Manchester United have a high level of performance. The midfielders and strikers are also very good too. The leaders of Manchester United are:
* Wayne Rooney;
* Cristiano Ronaldo;
* Rooney;
* Ronaldo.
These players have a great influence on the game of the whole team.

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