Current table of teams in La Liga Spain.

The new season of the Spanish championship has started, and the main intrigue is the fight for the title of La Liga. The main favorites of the fight are Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico.

In the new season, the main contenders for the victory in the championship are:
* Barcelona;
* Atletico;
* Real Madrid.
Barcelona has a good lineup, which allows it to quickly find the right partners. The team of Ernesto Valverde is already a real favorite of the championship, and it is now in the best shape in La liga.
Atletico is also a real contender for the champion title. The club has a great lineup and is a real force in the international arena. The fans of the team are very demanding, and they want to see their favorite win the title.
Real Madrid is the main contender for winning the champion’s title, but the team is not in the strongest condition. The players are tired, and many of them are not in top form. However, the team has a lot of potential, and if it can find a way to improve its game, it will be a real surprise to the fans.
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Latest La Liga Results
The season of La ligue 1 is in full swing. The new season has already started, so the main fight for victory in Spain is already over. The teams are very active in the transfer market, and this fact has already influenced the results.
In general, the teams are in a good shape, and their performance in the domestic arena is very good. The leaders of the tournament are already in their best shape, so they can be expected to fight for gold medals.
However, the fight is not over yet, as the teams have to fight against the following teams:
1. Barcelona; 2. Atletico Madrid; 3. Real Madrid; 4. Valencia; 5. Sevilla; 6. Espanyol; 7. Mallorca; 8. Getafe; 9. Valencia CF.
Each of these teams has a very good lineup and a good understanding of the game. The fight for a place in the Champions League zone is also very interesting, because the teams will have to play against the strongest clubs in the world.
All La Liga results are available on the website of sports statistics. Here you can find the results not only of the teams that are fighting for gold, but also of other teams that have already won a trophy.
Team Lineups of the Main Favorites
The main favorites for the fight in the tournament of the Champions are: Barcelona, Atletico, Real, and Valencia. Each of them has a strong lineup, and all of them have a good chance to win the champion’s title. However the main question is whether the team of ​​Valencia can continue its good performance in La Liguilla.
Valencia has a really good lineup. The squad of Diego Simeone is in a great shape, which is already reflected in the results, as well as in the standings. However it is not the strongest team in the league. The lineup of the club is not very diverse, and only a few players are able to play in every position.
Despite this, the club has the potential to fight even against the favorites. The following factors can help it to do this:
· high level of the lineup;
· able to rotate its players;
• good teamwork.
It is very important for the team to have a well-coordinated game, because it is very difficult to win a tournament with a mediocre performance.
After the start of the new championship, the following players of the Valencia squad are in the top 10 of the La Liga standings:
● Sergio Busquets;

● Sergio Busquet;
The first player of the first line is a great scorer of goals. The second player is a very versatile player, who can play in several positions. The third player is an excellent goalkeeper. The last player is the leader of the defense, who is able to make a decisive contribution to the team’s success.
This is why the team can fight for places in the elite division of the EPL. However this will be very difficult, because Valencia has a bad start. The first matches of this season were not very successful, and now the team needs to show its full potential.
La Liga Results of the Favorites of the New Season
The fight for victories in the La liguillas is already in full force, and there is no doubt that the teams of Barcelona, ​​Atletico, and Real Madrid will be the main competitors. Each club has an excellent lineup, so it is possible that the first team will be able to take advantage of the weak points of the rivals.
If the fight continues in the fight to the title, it is clear that the main favorite is Barcelona. The Catalans have a great team, which has already won the Champions Trophy, and can easily repeat this success. The previous season, they lost to Liverpool in the final, but they were able to win another trophy, the Super Cup.

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